Scooter Mini 3-in-1 Seat Lite

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  • Add this removable seat to any Micro Mini Scooter to extend the life of your ride! Riders can get in on the fun starting at an even younger age when you add this seat to your Mini Scooter, allowing children as young as age one to ride.
  • Install the optional spacer on the Mini Scooter’s T-bar, and attach the seat via a simple clip mechanism.
  • The removable Mini Seat transforms a Mini scooter into a stable ride-on with seat for young children, starting at age 1. Toddlers love sitting to scoot, and it helps young children gain confidence and comfort with their Micro. For kids up to 44 lbs.
  • A Micro Mini Scooter is required to use the removable Mini Seat attachment. 
  • Please note: The suggested height of the Mini Seat should be adjusted depending on the height of the child. We recommend that the kiddo's feet make clean contact with the ground, with their knees bent at a 90-degree angle.