100 Questions for Grandpa: A Journal to Inspire Reflection and Connection

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Create an enduring keepsake for future generations with this guided journal for grandfathers

The memories we share with our families are an invaluable treasure. This grandparent's journal is designed especially for grandfathers, with writing prompts that make it easy for him to record and share his most treasured stories and memories—from recollections of his childhood, to his most meaningful relationships, his favorite things, and more. Celebrate birthdays, Grandparent's Day, Father's Day and any special occasion by giving Grandpa this charming journal.

  • One question at a time—The thoughtful Q&A format makes it easy for Grandpa to call important moments to mind, and focus on whichever prompts he likes best.
  • Learn more about Grandpa—Discover unique details about Grandpa's life, with topics that are lighthearted and fun, as well as topics that are more insightful and thought-provoking.
  • Bring the family closer together—As Grandpa fills out this journal, he'll share his story with his grandchildren and pass on his love and wisdom.

Help Grandpa preserve his legacy inside the pages of this grandfather's journal.