Summer Learning Bundle - Fifth Grade to Sixth Grade

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Summer Learning doesn't have to be a drag! Your child's favorite toy store has put together a summer learning bundle that they'll actually be EXCITED about. 

A limited edition Fun Company drawstring backpack comes fully loaded with a Summer Bridge workbook, a set of flash cards, a high-interest reading book, a SMENCIL, and a custom Fun Company bookmark! BONUS: When your child brings in their completed Summer Bridge certificate (found in the back of the book), we'll reward them with a $5 Fun Company gift card to celebrate a job well done!

All learning materials will be scaled to the proper grade level and are exchangable in the event that you already own a particular book title or a set of flash cards. Product image is just for example only - materials will vary slightly based on grade level and availability.

*Please note - you should be buying the bundle based on the grade your child will be entering fall of 2021. So this bundle would be for children entering Sixth Grade after this summer.*

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